Juan Bolivar
Adam Gillam
Hiroe Komai
Trisant  (Julian Hughes-Watts)                                                                            Curated by Trisant

noformat gallery presents This-Here-Now.  A group show of four London-based artists whose work explores the nature of objecthood and modes of representation.

Bolivar's paintings investigate language and cognition, and hover between abstraction and representation. His paintings reconfigure the stylistic appearance of abstraction turning this genre into tragi-comical visions.  The paintings in this exhibition were produced between 2002 - 2006, and contextualised this research through the idea of faciality, a term coined to describe the recognition of the face - fragmented and re-assembled as faceted abstractions. The paintings examine hierarchies at play in reading these works, with influences ranging from South Park to the legacies of hard-edge abstraction.

Adam Gillam’s delicate structures have an impromptu quality, akin to a makeshift moment given form. His work is balanced and nuanced; scraps of material, like scraps of time, are assembled in an inventive, bricolage fashion. Gillam improvises with different materials, and the quality of those materials and the act of working with them determines the end result in a particularly lucid way. The process of making is both a method and an interpretive tool. Works emerge from a day-to-day engagement with utilitarian materials and what Gillam calls his ‘scatty pragmatics’ approach.

Cast in bronze in a variety of finishes, from polished to patinated, Hiroe Komai transforms objects from utilitarian, objective mementos to objects of luxury and desire. Komai places the crafted objects on perspex sheets and display methods reminiscent of high street stores, exploring notions of ‘taste’ and indicating the connection between high and low aesthetics and the reducibility of ideas not only to concepts but to ‘looks and style’.

Reflective surfaces in Trisant’s digital works create interrelations between objects in a hermetically sealed computer-generated environment. The scenes adopt presentation and display strategies commonly used in commercial advertising, but these are used to foreground the nature of representation, modern patterns of consumption and the projection of desirability onto consumer goods. Tight loops of repetition are used in these digital animations to exaggerate advertising techniques that place products firmly in consumer’s consciousness. The repetition invokes flux, but rapidly returns to point zero.

Exhibition dates:
•                Private View: Saturday 23rd November, 5-8pm
•                Exhibition: Tuesday 23rd November - Sunday 15th December 2013. Open Thurs-Sun, 12-6pm

no format is a permanent interdisciplinary visual arts gallery space curated and programmed by Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA), based at their Harrington Way site in South East London.

no format - Second Floor Studios & Arts, Harrington Way (off Warspite Road), Woolwich, London, SE18 5NR.

no format is located immediately off the A206 dual carriageway near Charlton and Woolwich. Charlton and Woolwich Dockyard Main Line stations and The Docklands Light Railway are in close proximity. Jubilee Line North Greenwich (O2) then 161 or 472 from bus stop A to Warspite Road.
Regular bus routes (180, 177, 161, and 472) serve the local area.