against Nature

Camberwell Space is pleased to present against Nature, an exhibition exploring conditions of current understandings of geography, or the geo-graphical, natural histories and landscapes.

This exhibition concentrates on work that uses print and the ways in which subtle innovations in this medium are used to great effect to investigate some of the complexities which arise when looking at nature in art. It also brings together works to explore the recurrence of natural motifs such as mountains, plants and the moon. 

To celebrate the opening of this exhibition a new publication will be launched by Camberwell Press with essays by David Cross and Nicky Coutts as well as page images by Bob Matthews, Denis Masi, Finlay Taylor, Kate Scrivener and Dick Jewell.

Exhibiting artists include: Franz Ackermann, Jasone Miranda Bilbao, Sarah Bodman, Ian Brown, Helen Chadwick, Paul Coldwell, Cornford and Cross, Nicky Coutts, Dunhill & O’Brien, Adam Gillam, Oona Grimes, Judith Goddard, Mark Harris, Katsushika Hokusai, Dan Howard-Birt, Susan Johanknecht, James Keith, Serena Korda, Michael Landy, Jo Love, Mike Marshall, Bob Matthews, Julian Opie, Tim O’Riley, Simon Patterson, David Rayson, Rebecca Salter, Kate Scrivener, Jo Stockham, and Herman de Vries.

The exhibition is curated by Finlay Taylor
 against Nature Symposium
A PrintMare Project
21 May, 2 - 5pm, Wilson Road Lecture Hall, Camberwell College of Arts

A symposium accompanying the ‘against Nature’ exhibition at Camberwell Space, with three invited speakers to discuss ideas related to and provoked by the exhibition: 

Gill Saunders, curator of prints at the Victoria and Albert Museum will discuss gardens and unnatural nature in print, looking at works by Ivor Abrahams', Victoria Browne and Andrew Curtis. 

Dr Joy Sleeman is senior lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art, she has researched extensively into her personal interests into European land art. Here Joy inspects artists who have addressed the idea of the connections between earth, space and the moon.

David Cross is an artist renowned for his collaborations with Matthew Cornford (Cornford and Cross), his lectures include a project entitled ‘Endgame: energy crisis, climate damage and visual culture’. Here David will continue his themes in relation to this exhibition.

In collaboration with CCW Graduate School.

Exhibition opening times: Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm