Id For Abroad.

Jonathan Allen, Josephine Baker, Frances Burden, An Gee Chan, Marion Coutts, Phil Coy, Tim Davies, Judith Dean, Alec Finlay, Grant Foster, Ana Genoves, Jeff Gibbons, Adam Gillam, Andrew Gillespie, Oona Grimes, Lucy Gunning, Lucy Harris, Rebecca Loweth, Jeff McMillan, Simon Morley, Harold Offeh, Rose O'Gallivan, Kit Poulson, Clunie Reid, Aura Satz, Kate Squires, Paul Tarragó, Roy Voss, John Walter, Joby Williamson, Mick Williamson.

7 March – 6 April 2019

1d for Abroad – contemporary artists invent, disturb, dissect and perform with postcards.
Opening event Wednesday 6 March, 6.30 – 9.30